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ALOHA's 3rd Annual National Math Challenge

Do you accept the challenge?

The 2019 National Math Challenge is a math competition open to all students (both ALOHA and non-ALOHA) in grades 1-6. Participants will be tested based on their 2019 school grade.

Registration is now closed

Participation Details

Preparing for the test:

All registrants will receive a complete Sample Test (35 questions) included with their Welcome email.



The top 10% of performers in each category will advance to the subsequent round of the challenge. There are 3 rounds: Preliminary, Semi-final, and Final.


Testing locations:

The Math Challenge will be held in our participating centers around the U.S. At the time of registration, you will be asked to select your testing location and you will be provided a list of locations closest to you.

Registration Details

Registration Fees

For ALOHA Students: $45

For non-ALOHA Members: $60


Preliminary test – Sat, Mar 16

Semifinals – Sat, Apr 13

Finals – Sat, May 11

Curriculum & Format

Children will be tested based on their grade level and will involve competitive math type questions.

Preliminary test duration: 45 minutes (35 questions)

Math Challenge 2019 Prize details


Grades 1-2

1st Prize: $5,000

2nd Prize: $2,000

3rd Prize: $1,000

4th Prize: $750

5th Prize: $500



Grades 3-4

1st Prize: $7,500

2nd Prize: $3,000

3rd Prize: $1,500

4th Prize: $1,000

5th Prize: $750



Grades 5-6

1st Prize: $10,000

2nd Prize: $5,000

3rd Prize: $2,500

4th Prize: $1,500

5th Prize: $1,000


ALOHA awarded over $45,000 to 17 winners in the 2nd Annual National Math Challenge that ended on May 12, 2018.

National Math Challenge 2018 Gallery

Pre Junior

1st Place, Winner of $5,000
Arush Krisp: ALOHA Dublin, OH

2nd Place, Winner of $2,000
Daniel Lutz: ALOHA Marlboro, NJ

3rd Place, Winner of $1,000
Yash Jaju: ALOHA Arcadia, CA

4th Place, Winner of $750
Tanush Choudhary: ALOHA Schaumburg, IL

5th Place, Winner of $500
Sarvesh Amatya: ALOHA Jupiter, FL


1st Place, Winner of $7,500
Abhinav Bhagavan: ALOHA Plano, TX

2nd Place, Winner of $3,000
Christopher Wang: ALOHA Northern VA

3rd Place, Winner of $1,500
Abhi Kotari: ALOHA Buffalo Grove, IL

4th Place (tie), Winner of $583
Arav Atre: ALOHA Matawan, NJ

4th Place (tie), Winner of $583
Avani Anand: ALOHA Marlboro, NJ

4th Place (tie), Winner of $583
Sriswaroop Koundinya: ALOHA Charlotte, NC


1st Place (tie), Winner of $5,484
Harsh Akunuri: ALOHA Livingston, NJ

1st Place (tie), Winner of $5,484
Timothy Mathew: ALOHA Troy, MI

2nd Place, Winner of $3,636
Ronak Ramesh: ALOHA Manchester, CT

3rd Place (tie), Winner of $1,818
Saharsh Bejugam: ALOHA Flower Mound, TX

3rd Place (tie), Winner of $1,818
Anish Dara: ALOHA Fremont, CA

3rd Place (tie), Winner of $1,818
Aditya Vadakattu: ALOHA Charlotte, NC

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